Useful Tricks on How to Save Money Shopping Online

People choose to shop online due to several reasons: convenience, time saved from physically going to the store, and lots more. One of the most important benefits of online shopping is getting to shop from various retailers who offer excellent discounts on their products. Most people feel that online shopping helps save in a lot of ways than shopping from a physical store or outlet. There are several tricks to help you understand how to save money shopping online.
Ways to Save Money Shopping Online:

Compare prices:

Different online retailers sell the same product at different prices. It would be best to compare prices from all reliable retailers before ordering a product. There are many websites that give a price comparison of the given product with different online retailers. These sites can help save your time choosing the lowest price.

Search for coupons:

There a lot of websites that collate details about the running discounts at all the online retailers. Such sites also have several discount coupons that can be used to save a lot more when you make your purchase. So before you decide how to get a payday loan and make a purchase from an online retailer, look out for the best coupon finder website and check for the coupons and discounts currently applicable for shopping with that online retailer.

Student discounts:

Several online retailers have extra discounts for students. Most retailers give discounts for students registering with websites like Student Beans, UNiDAYS and more. So if you are a student, don’t forget to check out the applicable student discounts and the procedure to claim those, before placing your order.

Combine coupons:

A few online retailers also allow the use of more than one coupon during an order. Understand the terms and conditions of the available coupon and combine discounts and coupon codes wisely. This would help save a little extra when you place an order.

Sign up for emails:

Soon after you register your account with an online retailer, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter and emails. This would help you stay updated about the running discounts. Most retailers also have offers, exclusive to online registered users. This is another way to save money when you shop from an online retailer. A few retailers also offer discounts for signing up and email special discount coupons to registered users.

Social Media

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Make use of social media sites:

Make it a point to like the Facebook page or follow the retailer on Twitter and other social media sites. This is because most online retailers continuously update about several running discounts on their social sites. There are several short term discounts, giveaways, contests and more that are continuously updated on the retailers’ social sites. So stay connected to the social pages of the online retailers to save in many ways while shopping online.

Make use of free delivery:

Shipping charges are often unnecessary additions to your purchase cost. Almost all online retailers provide free shipping based on certain criteria- mostly above a minimum order value. Understand their rules to claim free shipping. For this, a smart way would be to plan in advance what you might purchase in the future and combine it with your current order so you can reach the minimum order value required for removing the shipping costs.

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Mind the day you place the order:

While it might not be very evident, a hidden secret is that most online retailers offer great discounts on Wednesday, Thursday as well as on Fridays. Most online shopping gurus point out that Tuesdays are great for gadget purchases, Saturdays for books, and Sundays for airline ticket purchases. These are based on an overall average. Get to know such special discount days in your area and you won’t find the need for signature loans in Las Vegas when you shop because you’ll be saving money.

Loyalty programs help too:

Like most stores that offer loyalty cards, several online retailers also have loyalty programs for its regular customers. In most cases, loyalty points get added to the user’s account for every order that is placed. Make use of these programs to earn points and claim those points during your next orders to save money.

Online reward programs:

There are several websites that offer rewards for taking up surveys, or liking and commenting on their Facebook page etc. These rewards can often be used with several online retailers to claim various discounts.

Check for credit card or bank specific offers:

When you make a purchase with your credit card or your bank account, always make sure to check for bank specific or credit card exclusive offers. This is another way to claim extra discounts.

Negotiate with customer service:

In cases where you have a discount coupon but you forget about its expiration date, you could always call up and try sorting things out with the customer service team. Often, if it is just a few days since the coupon has expired, the customer service team might help you with another new coupon or any other discount in replacement for the expired unused coupon. Though this might not work every single time, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Leave items in your shopping cart:

Look for items you want to buy and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout but don’t place the order. Most online retailers, seeing that you tried placing an order but failed to, might get back to you with queries on your feedback about why you did not place the order. A few retailers might even send you discount coupons to use for that order or offer a better price for the item left in the cart.

Multiple registrations for more discounts:

In case of sign up offers as well as in cases where retailers send coupons valid for one time use by a customer, it would be a nice little trick to create multiple accounts or sign up with multiple emails. This would mean that you receive user specific coupons for each of your ID and you could place an order for each of them and thus end up saving a lot.

The above are just a few of the many possible online shopping tips to save money. In addition to the above tips, when you shop online always remember to understand the return and replacement policies of the retailer. Prompt refunds or replacement in case of damaged, defective or low quality products or in case of imperfect fitting for fashion purchases is really essential during online shopping. Also remember to clear your web cookies and your browser history. There are quite a few smart online retailers that analyze your shopping patterns and preferences and might price items accordingly. Follow these simple ways to save money on online shopping and save more on every order.

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