5 Creative Tips for Promoting Your Webinar on Facebook

One of the amazing things about webinars is that they can significantly help in lead generation. Knowing how they can be a great tool, there is a lot of effort that needs to be put into promotion of those webinars in order to get the desired reach.

As Facebook recently managed to hit the number of 2 billion users, it is only natural to assume that the proper Facebook promotion campaign can help sky-rocket your webinar and make you a new viral thing on the web. This is all true, but in order to get the proper promotion, you need to follow certain principles so you would get to enjoy the maximum potential from such a promotion.

We’ve collected some of the basic principles of Facebook promotion, and we hope you will find some of these useful when you start thinking about your webinar promotion, so let’s dive in.

Make sure your Events Page is optimized

This maybe seems just as a basic thing to mention, but the core of the success on the Facebook lies in the proper event promotion. Without it, your webinar may pass as just another boring video for most of the users you could’ve engaged.

Always make sure your images are properly optimized and scaled to the proper size. Always go into detail when it comes to event data, as it will help Facebook algorithms to get a higher reach for your event. Pick a short but memorable name and specific date and time. Optimize the event’s notifications as various studies shown that events with a lot of notifications tend to disengage audiences.

Optimize your webinar for SEO

Use keywords in the webinar title, but don’t go overboard and make it too long. Use those keywords in links, headlines and in the first paragraph. Point out your keywords and limit yourself to 4 or 5 keywords maximum. These keywords affect your general position when the certain subject gets searched for in various search engines, and with proper SEO optimization, you can generate a lot of leads from your webinar.

By the words of experts behind Merge ICT Video Conferencing Solutions, creating keywords and hashtags before the webinar takes place helps with building up of the excitement and it helps with the general tone and idea of the webinar. This way you can create higher engagement, and even make people happily wait for your webinar.

Get a guest speaker and do a cross promotion

Another great way to expand your reach and manage to promote your webinar is to get a guest speaker. This will give more credibility to the webinar you’re focusing on, and it opens quite a lot of space for cross promotion and mutual cooperation.

If a guest speaker already has an established audience, they will most likely get involved with your webinar. With guest speaker’s involvement in your webinar even the quality of your content gets raised, so finding someone to help you out might be a great idea for your webinar promotion. Just make sure you properly announce their guest appearance and make sure they are involved in the entire process.

Implement email marketing strategies

Using email marketing strategies as a way of promotion is a much-specified tool. It helps you notify your direct customers and audience, those that have most likely already been generated into leads, and this is also one of the most important steps. The people on your mailing list are most likely those people that get the most out of the webinar you’re giving, so engaging them in time is very important.

Also, a smart call-to-action integrated into the email signature can also be quite helpful. Regular newsletters and event updates, with clear and defined CTAs encourage your clients and customers to register for the webinar as you have built the anticipation through various marketing strategies. You wrap it up with a good CTA and your webinar is practically ready to go viral.

Maintain the interest all the way up until the webinar

If you create the event and send few emails you can’t expect to get a record-high visit or a number of webinar registrations. You need to keep reminding people what is about to happen and why is it good for them. You have to keep the momentum from the initial excitement with teasers, updates, prizes, pictures and many other things. They need to have the feeling they are engaged in the preparation of the event, as their anticipation may help you expand your audience.


Generally, Facebook and other social media have become an immensely powerful tool for promotion, but as many people spend a lot of personal time on social media, promotion of any type of event has to be properly planned and well organized. You need to have specific focus groups and to know how to attract them by making an enticing content that will have them glued to your promotional campaign from start to finish. The methods and principles mentioned above may help you in that quest.

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