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Top 10 Reminders Apps That Android Users Can Rely On


All of us have busy routines in today’s modern era where everyone is part of a race and has to meet deadlines and do a lot of stuff at the same time. That certainly calls in for reminders to accomplish everything sometimes. Our world is full of distractions and it’s easy to forget our important chores in all the fuss that we’re going through. So, relying on reminders won’t just help you to get more productive but reminders can also be a real savior in many situations.

It is possible for you to rely on one of the online alarm clocks available on the internet like online alarm but then you need to be in front of your computer all the time to take advantage of it. Such alarm clocks can be a great tool to remind yourself of important stuff when you’re working on your PC but what if you’re not there and want to be reminded of something on the go. Well, just don’t worry as there are plenty of reminders apps available today that Android users can rely on. Here we have list the top 10 options for you. Let’s take a look.

  1. Do

It’s a popular to-do-list application that many android users are already familiar with. In fact, to-do list applications generally make perfect apps to set reminders. is a cool to-do list application that is available on the Android platform as it comes with quite a few different task customizations, time & location based reminders, cloud syncing across devices, and much more. It also makes use of Material Design and you can use it for your routine chores as well as for your office work.

  1. BZ Reminders

BZ Reminders apps for android

This really is one simple and cool to-do list application for Android users. The app simply allows you to set reminders specifying the date and time as well as the task you have to do at that time and you’ll be reminded when it is time to do that thing. Though the list of the features on offer is not too long but all the features are quite robust and never falter in assisting you with your reminders. A cool feature is that the tasks as well as reminders can be color coded for easy organization. The app also offers support for Android Wear, recurring tasks, alerts and even allows you to set the hourly reminders as well.

  1. Google App

If you’re among those who do not just like the Google Allo, you can still take help from Google Assistant using your regular Google application. The reminders work in pretty much the same manner. As a matter of fact, the reminders set in the Allo would work here as well. In addition, you can access those reminders in your Gmail inbox as well using the Gmail app. It is really easy to set reminders with your Google App and everything can be done even with voice instructions.

  1. Google Keep

It’s probably one of the best apps available for note taking right now. It may also need only a couple of feature updates to turn it into a cool to-do list application for Android. There’s a collaboration feature that allows you to share your notes with others as well. It is also possible to have list, text, photo, video and audio notes. Different note colors can be assigned for making it easy to manage. Notes can also be set to popup on a given time and at a given place which makes it a cool reminder app as well.

  1. GTasks

It’s among the unique reminders applications available on Android. The app can sync itself with TickTick and Google Talks. As far as Google Talks section is concerned, it’s just simple and excellent and can easily sync between different devices as well. It’s integration with TickTick is actually a mimicry of the original app listed below. You can choose whichever of the two you like.

  1. IKE To Do List

It’s another cool and unique reminders application for Android. The app uses the Priority Matrix of President Eisenhower. The app requires you to put in several tasks and assign a certain importance value to them. Your tasks are then prioritized accordingly. The app also features reminders, images, audio, widgets, notes, due dates, and more. The app covers all basic aspects and really does that in a cool way.

  1. Life Reminders

Life Reminders

It’s a simple reminders application available to Android users and allows you to create tasks within the app and set deadlines for them. You simply get a reminder from the app when the time arrives to do that task. You can even use the app for setting up scheduled SMS/text messages and even phone calls. Tasks can also be repeated on daily, weekly and monthly schedule. In addition, the app relies on a Material Design, extends support for 7 different languages, and does a lot more.

  1. Tick Tick

It’s an up-and-coming to-do list application for Android. The app comes with quite a few different features including recurring tasks, reminders, widgets, different customizations and other things. The experience is rounded out with device syncing, Material Design, collaboration with different other users of the app, and much more. The app works perfectly in a variety of different situations.

  1. To Do List

It is another simple app that works as your To Do List on Android. The app allows you to create new tasks very quickly and also allows for recurring tasks such as paying bills, taking the trash out, etc. In addition, the tasks can be grouped together into different categories to make organization easier. The app syncs perfectly with the Google Tasks as well. So, that makes switching between devices a lot easier and you can access same to do list everywhere. The app has a feel of Wunderlist to it and it works in pretty much the same fashion.

  1. Todoist

It’s one of the best apps that offer to do list features. It’s stylish, powerful and works quite well. It’s not just the app alone rather a Chrome extension is also available along with a native app for PCs. That keeps you synced all the time and everywhere. The app offers support for most of basic features that you might expect a to-do list application to have. Probably, the only drawback of the app is that its reminders feature is a premium offering. Nevertheless, it’s worth giving it a try at least.

So, these are the top 10 reminders applications that you can enjoy using on your Android device. Even though there are online alarm clock options available, but having something handy right in your hand-held device is something much more reliable.

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