How much does Explainer Video cost per second


In world of animation, the trickiest part is to negotiate the price. An Explainer video animation is one of the most important parts of marketing, especially when it comes to the for business promotion purposes.

In an instant, we can take “The Simpsons” that cost $500 per second range. The ranges counts as per second are in between $3K and $5K, which known as the commercial average. Recently, the price based on average calculation of any animated movie or animated design consider as a professional, which is about $1K per second MINIMUM.

There are many ways to design an animated movie or create a new animation design, wich differ in pricing as per the quality and even the quantity of characters. For example, if we are looking for a movie in which we are using almost 5-10 good characters like, “BABY LOONEY TUNES,” then here we are in need to prepare our minds that it may cause you enough budget.

In case, you on your own can’t make a way to manage the making of an animated movie. You could contact different sources like Pixar and ask them to make you something similar to your thoughts. On the other side, of the classic rainbow, there is a vintage weather — no one demands to notice. Vintage is quite good, so you can purchase a D.I.Y animation software and work with it like a pro. Keep in mind, that you will be setting pretty good couple of dollars at your back.

You can choose different stock of imageries, sound effects, and transitions from a library. This way you will get done with the video making and surely making of an animated movie is not that easy but at the same time it’s not that tough what you have to be responsible for is one thing that is to accept the fact that the video won’t be so out of route.

It’s all about looking up the Pros and Cons, merits and demerits, etc. that exactly shook up our head that we are in need to follow the escapes and the strings. Same as pros and cons certain types of pricing depend on what kind of animation you are following.

  • Incredibly Expensive
  • Excessively Cheap
  • Medium ranges

Incredibly Expensive:

Let’s start with the expensive ones! Here we’re going to calculate that how much it would cost of we use Pixar to get done with the animation designing. According to IMBD, the 95mins long video cost around $175,000,000 to make an animated movie. It is good to keep your back balance strong – well! It’s useless to instruct you that keep your back balance strong, because if you are running the business of making animated movies. I am sure you are good enough to deal with this farfetched option. If not, then? Then… what? Check out another option.

Excessively Cheap

As I have said— if you are not that rich to deal with the expensive shit, then go with this option. It is quite good if you’re on low budget. Have you heard about “GoAnimate?” It is one of the most popular software, which help you in making of an animated business videos and the interesting thing is the cost that is about $300 per year. You can easily make up the animated videos and get done with your task, Video Animation Inc is another source for animated videos development.

Middle Ranges

Amazingly! There are some middle ranges in between expensive and cheap for those who don’t want to lose their brand identity just by choosing the cheap one and for the one who don’t have enough money to work on animated videos.

Many platforms are offering work in middle ranges, for instance, wyzowl. The team of their worker would help you out in making of animated videos form the scratch. Their professional copywriters used to write the best script, which helps you in making explainer videos for your business.

Some video making agencies do charge for the cost of animation per minute, for example, 10 second animation, 30 second animation, 60 second animation or etc. But, at wyzowl, they provide you with a fixed pricing with unlimited number of revisions.

Most Expensive Animated Movies

Tangled (2013)

One of my most favorite movie so far, Tangled unquestionably looks like a super exclusive production, it was the suffering of six-year production period, — that initiated the implausible budget. Total budget was about $260m with the highest rating.

Monsters University (2013)

The foremost spinoff film ever made by Pixar and originated up with a noble twelve years after the original Monsters Inc. The total budget was of $200m, with 89% rating of rotten tomatoes.

Toy story 3 (2010)

The third and final entry in Toy Story franchise was well worth the wait from decisive viewpoint. Toy Story 3 was the primary animated movie ever to make over $1 billion in profits, though surpassed by Frozen’s $1.26 billion in revenues.

Cars 2 (2011)

It was one of the amazing animated movie so far based on special effects of sound and images. The total budget was of $200m with 39% rotten tomatoes rating.

Brave (2012)

Pixar gave this movie a next level look, it’s world’s fifth most expensive animated movie. The total budget was about $185m with 78% rotten tomatoes rating. A lot of budget has spent on entire Pixar’s system just in order to deliver the visual goods.

These are the most expensive and interesting movies so far!

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