How to Convert Android Phone into Bugging Device

Bugging is a common practice in surveillance and spying to record evidence or take notes of own reference. The bugging devices, which usually are the combination of tiny radio transmitter and microphone, help the users to figure out the activities happening in the home, at work or somewhere else. The technological advancement has revamped the bugging techniques letting the user spy on someone without using the devices particularly intended for espionage. For example, with the right equipment, it is possible to turn on the microphone of the mobile phone, even without making a call, to listen to the conversations in the surroundings of the phone.

At this time, there are mobile phone spy applications that let you convert a mobile phone into the bugging device. Parents can bug their kids’ phones to keep tabs on their activities while employers can change their employees’ cellular phones into bugging device to secretly listen to their conversations and prevent them from unproductive discussions and gossips. However, picking the right spy app is the key. This article discusses how you can convert an Android phone into bugging device using the TheOneSpy app.

Convert Android Phone into Bugging Device with Spy App


The Android surveillance app enables the end-user to listen to the talks of the target remotely turning on the microphone of target’s Android device. Parents can listen to the voices of their children when they are away from home. It helps them ensure their kids do not get into trouble. Similarly, the employers can install the spy app on their employees’ mobile phone devices to listen to employees’ gossips. It lets them figure out if a worker is engaged in bullying or gossips. Similarly, the spouses can spy on their married partners and can listen to their surrounding sounds and voices to find out if they are having an illicit relationship with someone. To turn the Android phones of your children, employees or spouse, you need to follow the given steps.

Step 1


Get yourself registered for the Android spy app TheOneSpy. Download and install the app on the mobile phone of your target.

Step 2


Log into the TOS online account providing the username and password sent to you via email at the time of software purchase.

Step 3


Go to the control panel and scroll through the main menu. Tap on the Bugging feature and then MIC Bug.

Step 4


Click the red button at the top right corner and create a bug.

Step 5


The next window will ask you to choose the duration of the bug. Select the time period for which you want to record the voices in the vicinity of the target Android phone.

Step 6


You are almost done. Now tap Send.

As you send the bug, the monitored Android phone will turn on the microphone and start recording the surrounding sounds. These sounds will get uploaded to the TOS account. To listen to the recorded voices, you again open the Bugging tab on the left panel and open MIC bug. You will have the recorded files in front of you. In case the targeted phone fails to receive the bug due to unavailability of the internet access, the spy app notifies you and shows the bug status i.e. delivered, failed or complete.

What Else Can the Bugging Device Do?


As well as the surround sound recording, you can record the surrounding scenes. TheOneSpy Android monitoring software allows the end-user to create a camera bug to see what is going on in the vicinity of the phone. The app lets you turn on the camera of the monitored Android phone to remotely capture photos or record short videos extending from 15 seconds to 1 minute. The spy app lets you operate both the front and back cameras of the targeted Android phone which means you can take pictures and record videos using any or both of the phone cameras. Moreover, you can schedule video recording to capture the moments of the upcoming time period.

The Bottom Line


Being a parent, you may feel concerned about your child safety. The Android spy app lets you ensure the safety of your children and help you provide support to them against the potential threats. For example, you can monitor the private parties of your teens with the bugging feature of the spy app and can see and listen to the things going on in the party. If you find your kid in an unfavorable situation, you can be aware of it well-timed and take measures.

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