7 Most Popular Vines like ‘My name is Jeff’


What is Vine!

Vine has been extremely popular with the hilarious six-second short videos that can be a reason for your stomach-ache! If you are looking for the latest craze in the globe, you should tune to Vine. Vine is a video-sharing app authorised by Twitter where you can share your six-second videos that will run in a loop! Other users can like, comment or Revine to your post. The concept of Revine is similar to Retweet where people use it to add the post to their timeline to let their followers see it as well. Moreover, you also can share the video to Facebook or Twitter through Vine.

“My name is Jeff!”

I have been watching multiple vines from quite a time with the quote “My name is Jeff”. It wasn’t so jovial to me since I didn’t know the source! At last, I did some research and discovered a movie called “22 Jump Street” where actor Channing Tatum attempts immensely to mimic a foreign accent but fails to do so terribly and hilariously! From then, My name is Jeff has been used in uncountable vines.

Various videos have gone viral featuring the quote and that’s the fun part of the vines that recreate old memories in a new wrapper altogether! Let’s have a tour to the vines that are similarly hilarious like “My name is Jeff”.


This is a video that has gone viral both on YouTube and Vine. Yeet is an odd dance which involves swinging your shoulders and hands to the side while shouting ‘Yeeti’ to the beats. That’s the reason nowadays, viners put a sound effect of ‘Yeet’ or yell it in between!


A guy was asking a police officer whether he could ask him a question and afterwards pointed his mobile towards his shoes and screamed: “WHAT ARE THOSE?” The six-second video involved this scene attracted the viewers and viners so much that they considered parodying it time and again!

The ‘potato flew around my room’ song

A video was uploaded featuring a child singing the song where the child switched “Tornado” with “Potato”. After it got immense reception and appreciation of 10 million loops in just 2 weeks, another video was uploaded with the original song along with a room where an actual potato was tied to the ceiling fan!

The ‘Just Girly Things’ meme

Many of you can relate with the name “Just Girly Things” as it is the famous blog in Tumblr which posts pictures with texts over them. They used to portray the activities girls love to do with the texts. On Vine, a photo from the blog was shown with the background music of Vanessa Carlton’s 100 Miles. Individuals acted out a scene which was highly unexpected!

The theme song from Disney Junior’s ‘Little Einsteins’ TV show

Viners took advantage of the children’s television shows as well and the live example of such an incident is the theme song from Disney Junior’s ‘Little Einsteins’! After a trap remix version of the title track was uploaded on YouTube, Viners promptly used it as the background song for many popular Vines sometimes with odd dance moves and the song completely blew the market.

‘I eat pears’

Viners loved the sound of ‘P’ when American Hip Hop artist Rick Ross pronounced it during an interview! Rick was talking about how much he loves pears as it was a part of his weight loss plan. Then the sound of ‘P’ in “I eat pears” grabbed the eyeballs on the dot and they immediately started to incorporate the sound clip behind many Vines!

‘You’re not my dad’

The sound clip of ‘You’re not my Dad’was gone viral following a vine was posted featuring a child who was yelling the phrase and after this, he called the cameraman a “Noodle Head”! This has glued many eyes of Viners and later they used this sound clip in multiple Vines! In fact, this sound clip is one of the most famous and recognised clips you can find.

Vine is one of the most preferred websites for the people who want a smile on their face and for those who are creative from mind! So, these little six-second long Vines can offer you a smile that is priceless. There are much more like “My name is Jeff” but I found these videos and quotes funny enough to be listed. If you have a better one, don’t forget to mention those.

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