SEO Tactics That Are Past Its Prime

Mastering the optimization skills are essential, given that the SEO is a key marketing tool on the internet. To be ranked as high as possible is the goal of millions of website owners and while some of them seem to be on top of it, others get to stay low in a rabbit hole, wondering why Google doesn’t like them. Possible answers would be sticking to the strategies that are long gone, therefore ineffective, or simply that they fell out of Google’s grace for wearing a black hat. In the midst of ongoing algorithm changes, improve ranking by learning which of the outdated SEO techniques to avoid.

Keyword stuffing

Keywords, as well as their proper using in the further content, are of great importance but overdoing it will cause an opposite effect. Back in the days, a repetitive use of a specific keyword on a page was enough for making into a top of page 1 search position. Nowadays, Google monitors the searcher’s interaction with your website, so if visitor bounces back immediately due to the lack of quality content, your site will be off the first search pages. Instead of sticking to repetitions, improve the content and deliver to searchers exactly what they want while adding more related topics.

Spamlike Guest blogging

Among bloggers, legitimate guest blogging is still a vital part of SEO as long as the content meets the quality and relevance requirements. Guest blogs that contain spammy links that have nothing to do with the content, low-quality text, and optimized anchor texts will fail to provide a ranking and will be easily spotted by Google. The best option for guest blogging is to contribute the website with great and unique content and to reach an audience with some exquisite writing as well as collaborating with other bloggers.

Link reciprocity

Manipulating links is a sensitive matter. For some reason, many still believe that getting more links to your page, no matter how, will result in high rankings and that is why they practice strategies like link exchange, link buying, forum link, link directories, etc. After the Google Penguin update, the rules changed in a way that the relevance of the links is more valid than the number of it. Accumulating the links regardless of quality is counter-productive, so focus on natural link building as well as establishing relationships with high-quality sites in your industry that will link back to you.

Anchor text abuse

By Google standards, putting the words in anchor text that are the same as the keyword, both in the external and internal link, are found to be an ‘’unnatural’’. Also, using the irrelevant link within an anchor text is a spam and is followed by Google penalty. Instead of matching keywords and anchor text, think less about search engines and more about readers and how it will look to them. Try to use safe options and to form longer phrases of anchor text that will fit in more naturally. The aim is to maintain the content flow without placing the link that will stand out in the most obvious way.

Page per keyword

SEO technique of creating an individual page for any keyword variation served its purpose for years. Although useful concerning the rankings, it didn’t meet users intent so after the Hummingbird update these tactics do not have the same effect. The solution to this is to focus on the user experience and to structure your website to improve usability. The goal is to integrate individual pages into one meaningful resource that will address all the keyword variations.

Ignoring social signals

Lately, social media plays a big part in search engine rankings, even though the previous concept of SEO didn’t assume anything besides content, links or coding. The expansion of social media resulted in fast initial exposure and automatic reaching of a wide audience. Presence in the social media improves visibility and enables direct contact with users, so it is a great business opportunity in general. Include social networking in your search engine optimization strategy along with link building, on-page optimization, and content marketing and reach more users by creating a social account and posting suitable content regularly.

Bottom line

SEO represents the constant change and is not what it was years ago. Instead of trying to master the skills to outsmart the search engines, concentrate on the basics that remained unchanged during the years. Having a well-structured website that is user-friendly and pleasurable for visitors, filled with high-quality content that invites users to look for more is a way to go up on the search pages. Always consider the reader’s interest when providing a fresh and meaningful content, link it to other trustworthy sites, and in time, the results you wish for will come.

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