Preparing Your Home for Sale

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When it comes to selling your beloved home, you can add real value to it before you put it on the market with a few simple checks and fixes. The condition of your home will have a significant effect on the asking price, so it’s well worth putting in some effort to sort out anything that would lower the price you could ask. It’s amazing how things that seem small or insignificant can not only affect the offers buyers make, but could put some buyers off altogether. You can perform your own checks, and also ask your realtor to advise you on what they think you should do to add value to your home.

Easy Fixes

When you live in a place you get used to all the quirks, marks, and things that don’t quite work properly. You forget that the landing light doesn’t work, or there’s a tap that’s starting to drip. It becomes part of your routine, and that makes you blind to the faults that would jump out at prospective buyers when they come for a viewing. Go through your house starting from top to bottom, checking lightbulbs and changing any that aren’t working, looking for marks, stains, damage, every little defect you can, and get them attended to. Don’t forget areas like roof-spaces and basements, as viewers will want to inspect every part of the house. If you have a sump pump, for example, in your basement, check that the switch is working. If it isn’t, and prospective buyers spot it, they may suspect a major fault, when in fact all that’s required is a sump pump float switch adjustment. You should also check for signs of vermin and insects, and any damp spots or flaking paint and plaster.

Cleaning and decorating

Once you’ve attended to all the minor defects, make an honest appraisal of the décor, and if it’s looking a little tired or out of date, consider giving the rooms a fresh coat of paint. It could be that you just need to give everything a thorough clean first, and it’s a good idea to get a professional cleaning company in to spend a day to give the place a proper spring clean. You might need to get the carpets or wooden floors professionally cleaned too, as they do take considerable punishment and collect a lot of grime. Once the cleaning has been completed, any rooms that need it can be redecorated. Use neutral shades for preference, as strong colors can put some buyers off. Don’t forget the external windows and doors, which make a much better impression if they are smart and sparkling. You should also tidy up your outside areas and give your house as much kerb appeal as possible, so it looks appealing to viewers when they pull up outside. If you have a lot of possessions that disguise the size of the rooms, consider putting as much as possible into storage, leaving enough to present the house at its best.

For the average home that doesn’t need any major structural work or remodeling, these simple fixes are all you’ll need to do to maximize your asking price.


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