How to Rank in App Store

The majority of mobile users discover apps via app stores (hence passing the advantage of native apps to web apps). So that the issue of classification and referencing its application on these platforms becomes crucial.

To classify and reference mobile applications, algorithms application stores using several criteria. If we largely know these criteria, it is difficult to know the importance of each of them. We know what works, without knowing the level of impact.

The main classification criteria are, basically, the following: the quality of the application (the general perspective and a technical perspective), optimization of keywords, the quality of the “product” notes and comments. To improve the ranking of its application, it is recommended to set up very early, at the launch of the application, marketing actions. This article contains all the good practices to implement to gain places in the rankings of app stores (App Store and Google Play in particular).

Perform a mobile application quality

The number of players in the mobile application market is in full blast. Today, hang, over 1.3 million applications are present in the Google Play and more than 1.2 million in the AppStore!

The first thing to do to emerge amid the teeming market and have chances of getting a good ranking in the app stores is to treat your application. A low quality implementation will struggle to be adopted by users.

We will therefore endeavor to start list and define the criteria that make an application a quality application, remembering that the best way to evaluate an application is to test.

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