5 Great Office Hacks For Maximizing Efficiency

Long hours in the office can really affect your motivation and focus, and once you lose concentration, you’re starting to underachieve. Let’s say you really love your job, but the same daily routine can get boring after a few years. In order to avoid bad performance at the workplace, it is crucial that you give your best to boost your efficiency. Simple tips provided below can be very helpful once you decide to make some changes.

Declutter on regular basis

Before you do anything else, you should pick up a big black bag and start filling it with accumulated junk. The office you’re in, most certainly changed over the years, and there’s a great chance you have more stuff than you really need. Go ahead, clean your space thoroughly and you’ll feel immediate relief. Once you’re relaxed and your office is organized, you’ll probably experience a boost of motivation and that will help you to improve the performance.

Remove distractions

After you’re done with decluttering your office, you should immediately start improving the working atmosphere. There might be some colleagues that like to chat pretty often, and you should give your best to avoid that. Constant distractions will affect your efficiency pretty bad and can add up to your overall stress level. In addition, make sure you hide your phone while at work and keep it hidden until the end of the shift. With all these online temptations it can get really hard to concentrate on job assignments. It is crucial to accept you’re trading your time for money, so be honest and professional.

Work on lighting

In order to stay focused at the workplace, it is crucial that you get enough natural light. Besides that, your brain will also need enough fresh air. Concentration and alertness will last until the end of the day if you get enough oxygen. Because of that, start moving furniture. Your desk should be placed the way you get enough light. Professionals at Eiffel’s curtain shop in Perth recommend installing some striped curtains so you can protect yourself from curious coworkers. This move will help you to get the job done without distractions.

Bring the outside inside

Once you got enough light and air, you should consider bringing some life to the office. Yes, get yourself a few green plants and scatter them around the office. Their green color will relax your eyes after a busy day, and make your office much more cozy and comfortable. If you are relaxed and calm, all job-related assignments will be easier to tackle. All of this will lead toward better efficiency. If you don’t know which plants to get, then go with African Violet, Snake Plant, Cactus or even Weeping Fig. You can’t miss with any of them.

Stay active

You probably spend most of your working hours seating in a chair in front of the monitor. This practice can really harm your body. If your back isn’t straight your breathing won’t be good, and that means your brain won’t get enough oxygen. You should work smart instead of hard. It is much better to stand up and do some light exercises every hour. Get up from the chair, do some breathing exercises and walk around the office. Yes, you’ll lose some time on this routine, but in the long run, this strategy is giving the best results.

Final thoughts

At the end, it is important to love what you’re doing, because the job you don’t like won’t challenge you and you won’t be motivated. Unfortunately, people can’t always choose their jobs, so making some good routines can help in improving efficiency. Look around your office and plan everything ahead.

After you’ve cleaned, continue with changing your office so it can meet your needs in better way. Dealing with work-related stress is of the greatest importance if you want to maximize your performance. Find the right channels to relief stress, give your best at the office and work your way up in the company.

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