How Moving To a New City Surges Your Career Odds

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Life is the most unpredictable occurrence in human existence. We try hard to hold on to the things and people we know, believing that it will give us some sense of meaning and peace. But then, in the blink of an eye, the protective cocoon we created is shaken and we must face change. That’s how moving to a new city might feel to some. Whether intentional or necessary, leaving the place you called home can take its toll on a person, leaving you empty as though a part of your soul is missing.

That feeling you experience – you should accept it as normal, since you are leaving the life and people you care for, after all. But also, a new city means new beginnings, new people, new job and new life. No matter the reason for moving, now it’s only important how to adapt and be comfortable in this novel adventure, and where to begin building your future. And there’s no better place to start than at the new job.

Go get them, tiger!

It takes a lot of courage to be the new girl and own it. People will judge you and have opinions about you right from the start, before they get to know you. Some will be friendly and some disinterested. That’s all normal, it’s how the world has been working for centuries. So, instead of trying to change that – be yourself. It took a lot of courage to move to a new city, so don’t stop being courageous now.

You got a new job because of your credentials – show them they were right to hire you. New colleagues seem a little wary of you – start the conversation first and bring them cookies from the bakery recommended online. You already did the bravest thing you could by changing your life, everything else is like riding a bike – not easy, but a matter of what kind of ride your prefer.

Be adventurous and independent!

Regardless of whether you are moving somewhere where you know someone, have friends or are even without acquaintances, you’re bound to meet new people and visit new places. At times, it may seem as though you’re all alone, but that’s only insecurity talking. Or you become too dependent on someone you know, rather than meet new people – snap out of it!

Embrace the person you are in this new place. Start by going out for a drink with your colleagues, talk to them during a break at work, exchange interests and see where’s a good place to start sightseeing. Go for a walk by yourself, visit local museums and galleries, have a coffee or tea at the café near your apartment. Wake up that sense of adventure that got you super excited about moving in the first place.

Networking! Networking! Networking!

When it comes to friends, this one should go naturally as long as you don’t overthink every move you make or every word you say. One friend will soon become two, and two will turn into three and so on. As long as you don’t overdo it with the number of people you hang out with, you should get enough sleep and still have friends. But at work, you might need to be more proactive. The workplace is not so casual and relaxing and people will probably be a little stiff or reserved. That doesn’t mean they are bad people, so don’t peg them as enemies.

Colleagues can be competitive, and not all of them will become your friends from work. It will probably take some time to earn their trust and for them to earn yours. So be patient and keep it superficial and courteous.

Action goes before the reaction!

It’s the simple rule of physics. You have to do something to get results. Like you had to perform the end of lease cleaning, so you could move out of your old apartment and at the same time be eco-friendly and hire Boomerang Moving Boxes. This way you get the deposit back which you used for renting the new place, for example. Or you had to work late that one Friday so your extra effort would leave a good impression on your project manager and now he entrusts you with some sensitive tasks. Without moving forward and being proactive, you will hardly embrace your new life and challenges wholeheartedly and completely.

Upgrade yourself!

You can’t change who you are, but there’s no better time to change those characteristics that have been holding you down for a while now, learn new skills at work or get an untried hobby. Reinventing yourself requires of you to accept all of you, and to concentrate on expanding and freeing your interests and abilities. Only when you fully embrace your qualities and virtues, you’ll be able to allow yourself to be happy and fulfilled.


The hardest thing to do is make that first step and actually move to a new city, and you already did that with flying colours. Don’t give up, even though when times get tough you might want to pack your bags and go back “home”. Always remember how difficult it was to make that decision about changing your life and act on it, and be joyful for the new and exciting things to come your way.

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