Making Money From Home

Making Money Online Fast 2016 From Home

Hey my name is sharoon and today i am going to show you how you can make money money from your home . making money online 2016 in fast and easy way to get handsome amount of money from you home fast in 2016

There is top 5 types of platform online through you can earn money online from in 2016

1) Google Adsense (one of the top way to earn money online from home)

Google adsense in owned by google . Google adsense will provide you the opportunity to make good amount of money from your home easily .Google adsense will offer you advertising add click promotions . Before you are start with google adsense you need to have a website and you have a good knowledge of that topic which u will going to write on your blog .

Google adsense will add some advertising banner in your site so when the visitor will come and click on that banner you will get 60% payment from google and rest 40% payment will go to google

2) Youtube

Youtube is world biggest video website. We all know about know but we don’t know that we can also make money from youtube .

Youtube is working with google So if you want to create a youtube account you need to a google account once you make a channel for your youtube video . know you want to find what trending and good topic is going on in the world . once you start uploading your unique videos on youtube now you can start monetizing your video and you can make handsome money from your home

3) Upwork

upwork in a website which is specially for those people who have any technical skills like , web designer , software developer ect . if you have any kind of skills you can sign up for up-work and start making google money from your Home

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