How to Promote Your Business Online for Free

Part 1: General Listings

Trying to compete against large firms and businesses on a small budget can be a daunting task. Wondering how to promote your business? It’s easier than you think. There are some easy and free ways to promote business online.
Michael Gray, in 13 Ways to Promote Your Local Business for Free, gives some great tips on how to promote your business or firm. Consider starting with listing your firm on any of these sites:


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Google Local

This should be your first step, as it is an easy way to promote a business online.Simply create a Google Local account by entering your firm’s contact information, and then verify it. In a few weeks, you should have a map listing of your firm.Once you have that, be sure to take advantage of several free tools. Google Coupons allows you to create coupons that will appear on relevant searches. Another great tool, Google Base, tries to weed out the best, most relevant answer from different data sources. You can upload your firm and its services into Google Base and earn special treatment.

Yahoo! Local Listings

Learn how to promote your business using this free tool.Clients searching for your firm will easily be able to find your listing because Yahoo! Local arranges by category and location.

Yahoo! Reviews

Once you have registered your firm in the Yahoo! local listings, take advantage of their reviews.Encourage satisfied clients to post positive reviews. The more positive ratings, the more preferential treatment you will receive.


Part 2: Website Promotion Tools

In Part 1 of Promoting Your Business, we showcased several free internet listing sites.In Part 2, we will continue with other available listing sites and some other free website promotion tools you should add to your arsenal.As before, they are all really great ways to remain competitive against larger firms on a smaller budget.Michael Gray, in 13 Ways to Promote Your Local Business for Free, highlighted these services:

An oldie, but a goodie.People still use the Yellow Pages service, and it still has a strong reputation. There are different levels of listings, but the basic service is free.

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Press Releases

If you are thinking a press release is not possible on your budget, don’t panic.There are actual sites that will do this for you for free! Submit your interesting tidbit of information to PRWeb and While you are there, take advantage of their tips on writing good headlines and the best places to release your information, as well as more information on promoting your business online.

Blog Promotion Tools

If your firm has a website, but you just aren’t attracting the clientele that you would like, these free website promotion tools may help.Technorati can help your site gain some exposure and attract some relevant traffic.


Part 3: Free Online Directories & More

In Parts 1 and 2, we discussed free listings, press release services and blog promotion tools.In our final installment, we will focus on more ways to put – and keep – your firm at the top. You can compete against larger firms if you put all of these tools to work for you.As before, we reference Michael Gray’s 13 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free. Check out his final tips on these free online directories:

Directory Advertising

There is such thing as free advertising.Don’t pass up this great opportunity to promote your business online. Just visit and sign up for a free 60 day listing.


What is this, you ask? Squidoo is a site that allows you to create your own blog and provide your visitors with information in a user-friendly manner.The pages are called “lenses” and they are easy to set up, with a potential of hundreds of thousands of visitors. Promote your business by discussing whatever you want – your services, your firm, your specialties or anything else.


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Join this free online directory and make some professional connections.On LinkedIn find people you already know and meet some new ones through introductions.Email Signatures – Something as simple as your email can promote your business.Attach your URL, your mission statement or something that is unique to your firm. People will remember it. Continue to change it and keep it fresh.

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