Grow tents are the magic things given by Technology

If you are planning to shift your outdoor gardening project to the indoor atmosphere, then you will need the grow tent. These tents are portable growing chambers which are maintained with high-quality fabric materials and appropriate lighting systems. It has been observed that outdoor cultivation is not effective for some plants. In such cases, the managing the cultivation inside the grow tent can be productive and cost-effective.

Well, there is a good demand for the grow tent in the current market. The cultivators are highly appreciating the productivity associated with these tents. Previously, the horticulturists used to seed the plant in the soil, and the rest thing is managed by nature. But there are certain plants, which are highly sensitive and require a warm and soothing environment. For such plants, these special growing chambers are highly recommended.

As the tent is designed with fabric materials, the overall weight of the tent is very light. It has six sided fabric exteriors which are attached to a rigid frame. Different apertures like LED grow light bulbs, vents, ports, and other electrical accesses have been efficiently ensured inside the chamber. Because of all these equipped apertures, the tents offer proper ventilation, insulation and lightproof environment for the plant growth.

Important components associated with Grow Tents

For the convenience of the users, the grow tent kits have arranged all the necessary components which are used to stimulate the plant growth. Below here, some important components of the grow tent have been discussed keenly.

  • Sturdy canvas/fabric material –

The fabric material greatly determines the productivity of the cultivation inside the chamber. The users prefer to grab thicker fabric materials to ensure a lightproof feature. To avail durable and strong fabric material, it is recommended to choose the exterior fabric between 600D and 900D.

The interior fabric item should be made up of polyester/nylon material so that a reflective layer is greatly maintained inside the tent. This reflective layer enhances the effectiveness of the heat generated from the light bulbs. Thus, an appropriate insulation system is assured inside the tents.

  • Good quality carbon filter and CFM fan –

It is very important to ensure proper temperature control inside the grow tent or else the productivity of the cultivation will be hampered. To enhance the air circulation inside the tents, high-quality CFM fans along with carbon filters are efficiently equipped inside the tent. Thus, fresh air is supplied to the plants, and proper ventilation system is also maintained in the chamber.

  • Grow light bulbs –

Automated LED bulbs are equipped with the walls of the tents. These high power bulbs generate different spectrums of light which greatly stimulates the growth of the plants. As these bulbs are associated with digital ballasts, you don’t have to worry whether the light is there or not.

  • Hydroponics system –

With the help of this system, it is now very easy to clean & feed the plants. The presence of automated timers highly ensures proper watering of the plants.

You must consider all these above components before availing the grow tent. It is highly recommended to cross check all the components before buying the tent.


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