Footballer and Their Favourite Sneakers


Cristiano Ronaldois the brand ambassador of NIKE from 2003.When CR7 is in Manchester United
he used generally Mercurial Vapor series from the brand Nike although he
first wore it in Lisbon.Recently Nike announced a lifetime deal with CR7.Formar Barcelona player Neymer used Nike Vapor IX.
Being a fan of Michael Jordon x basketball player Nike design director Nathan Van Hook realease Neymar JR. x Jordan collaboration.
Formar Chelsea suparstar or Belgium star Edan Hazard use Nike Gs Concept II.


Lional Messi currently used a boot designed by Adidas named Messi 16.Adidas used M shield logo for messi’s sneaker.]
Speedstar Gareth Bale from Real Madrid wore F 50 Adizero also he use Adidas X16.Some star player like Manchester United player Ibrahimovic Barsa striker
Luis Suarez,Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos,Bayren Munichen goal keeper Manuel Neuer,Manchester midfielder Paul Pogba use Adidas sneaker.


Some star player use Puma sneaker like Manchester city striker Sergio Aguero,Spain midfielder Case Fabregas,
former player Marco Reus from Dortmund ,Monaco star Radamel Falcao use Puma sneaker.

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