Some Collection of Luxury Sneaker


1.Article No:

Origin: it was founded in 2014 in Los Angels
Range: Avarage range of Article No is $180-$300


Origin: The owner of Epaulet is Adele Berne and Mike kuhle was founded in 2008 in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn.
Range: Avarage range of Epaulet is $190-$405

3.Filling Pieces:

Origin: It is designed by Guillaume Philibert was established in 2009 in Amsterdam.
Range:  Avarage range of Filling Pieces is $190-$260


Origin: This sneaker is designed by designer Yohji Yamamoto was founded in Tokyo
Range: Price of Y-3 is higher but you can expect it between $250-$400


Origin: It was founded in 2011 in Stockholm
Range: Expected price between $300-$500


Origin: It is one of the Italy`s finest shoe founded in Tuscany.
Range: Avarage price of Buttero is $320-$500

7.Common Project:

Origin: This sneaker is concevied in New York and manufactured in Italy in 2005.
Range: Price of Common Project is high between $400-$750


Origin: It has been claimed that Lanvin is the oldest fashion house still running was founded in Paris.
Range: Avarage range of Lanvin is $490-$700


Origin: This is a fashion house of Spain.It has branches in Madrid and Bercelon
Range: Avarage range of this sneaker is $500-$1200

10.Raf Simons:

Origin: Raf Simon is a fashion designer of Belgium first launch mens footware in 1995
range: price of Raf Simon is $450-$1800


Origin: this brand was started in 2001 with shoes in Tokyo
Range: Price of Visvim sneaker is $600-$1300

12.Golden Goose Deluxe Brand:

Origin: This brand is founded by Francesca ans Alessandro Gallo in 2000
Range: Avarage range of this sneaker is $520-$630

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