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Top Tips for Marketing on Social Media


Social media is the latest buzzword in online marketing. Many companies have forayed into this area and are witnessing great results. But for those who are not getting good results, there may be many ways to improve their marketing on social media. Here are some tips to get updated using the best tools and methods of social media:

social media

  • Grow your target  audience with Twitter gold mine:

The line-‘if you build, they will come’ may work in most scenarios but is an awful marketing plan. For succeeding on the net nowadays, one has to design content that fires up and engages a target audience. But if you happen to be a fresh blogger, you must devote time to develop an audience instead of creating content.

The best stage for this is Twitter, and there are 3 ways of building an audience:

-Usually, people tend to place users or companies on public lists of Twitter based on geographic location and special interest. Find a good Twitter user to follow. Next, dig into her lists. It is likely that you will garner a goldmine made of interesting users to follow and they may, in return, follow you.

-Many apps help you garner new followers and one such is ‘Twellow’. This free site may be akin to yellow pages on Twitter. You can locate and follow target users of every interest, industry and category imaginable.

– Make use of specialized search prompts on Twitter. You can unlock the major functionality of search on Twitter screen using a few specialized prompts. Search is one among most powerful tools of market research.

  • Improve posts by analysing past content

Most companies analyse the impact of social media following their publishing. But today there may be tools for analysing data prior to posting. Various tools are used by social media marketing companies in India for this.

For example, ‘BuzzSumo’ makes use of data which have already gained success in social media. The first step is to key in a keyword which is an ingredient of your strategy for content of social media. BuzzSumo will offer a list of content which is top performer with regards to social shares as per your keyword.

You can also do content curation by each social network as contents work differently in different networks. You can also do filtering of content by period of time as well as type.

  • Use links to make optimum visual content

Visual content may perform as a ‘gateway’ to more important content. While you make plans for visual content for posting on social media, consider how it may push traffic towards your products, services and website.

For example, you can link a small video returning to your own website emerging from your account on YouTube or profile link on Instagram. Ensure that you offer expanded content based on your video.

  • Use images to maximize real estate on Twitter

As per statistics, around 6000 tweets are being tweeted on an average every second on Twitter which amounts to tweets of 200 billion a year. Providing visual appeal as part of your tweet is an intelligent way to garner attention to your most crucial content. You can build up multiple images on Twitter.

  • Switch formats of content

To raise visibility and reach, you can adapt the content for multiple platforms such as YouTube. Changing formats is not restricted to videos. You may even convert snippets from current articles into images.

These are some tips for designing a great social media campaign for marketing.

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