How to select the best blog host for your website or blog

If you are a blogger and looking to start a blogging journey, then you must have questioned yourself that how to select the blog host? Or Which is the best host for you? But before that, you have to do research on various blog hosts and blogging platforms and select the one that’s suited well as per your requirement. In this article, we will highlight some points that will assist you in a better way to select the best blog host for your website.

1) Cost:-


Select few companies after consulting with the experts, bloggers or check the review sites. Monitor the services offered by the host like WordPress, Reseller, VPS and much more, select the one that suits well to your pocket. Check what you are getting additional from your hosting providers like Free SSL Certificate, Free backups, Free SpamExperts and much more. Compare the plans offered by the hosting provider and select the best WordPress Hosting plans as per your requirement. Make sure that feature offered in the plan will remain same because it might get changed in the future.

2) Data transfer Limitations:-


Before selecting the plan check the limit of data transferring. In short, you must be aware of how much data you can transfer through the blog each month as per the plan. However, data transfer limit should be higher to cater all the data you publish on your blog. Remember, you can also upgrade your data plan as you get a good amount of traffic on the blog.

3) Space:-


If you are newly starting the blog, then it is suggested to opt for the basic plan and whenever you get a good amount of traffic then opting for the higher plan is the best solution. While selecting the plan, you should check the disk space offered by the hosting provider and get as per your requirement. It is suggested that buy the plan that caters your need fully and avoid wasting money on the plans that will not give you any benefits.

4) Reliability:-


Speed and Uptime:- Speed and uptime are the main features that you should look upon before selecting your blog host. If you are starting a blog online that needs a visitor or traffic and to gain that traffic your website should be live 24*7. This can be possible when the uptime of the website is very good. Before selecting the plan, you should check the uptime offered by the provider.

5) Support:-


Make sure that you are able to contact your blog host whenever you face any issue. Check all mediums of contacting like chats, emails, phone’s, availability and check whether you are getting a proper solution for your issue. Monitor the server locations and numbers of the users sharing the servers.

6) Security:-


It doesn’t matter whether you are running an online store or business website, you should focus on security term. Because it is important in this competitive market to protect your website data.

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