What Is The Right Epitaph for a Headstone?

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After laying a loved one to rest in the cemetery, the last stage entails placing a custom headstone as an identifier of their grave. It is on the gravestone where the bereaved get a chance to communicate what the deceased meant to them. An epitaph is a display of one’s life, their accomplishments, and values. In some instances, it gives a story about what caused their death. In other words, an epitaph gives final respect to the deceased. Are you confused about what to inscribe on your beloved’s tombstone? Follow this post to get some inspirations.

Biblical scripture

This is the commonest form of an epitaph derived from the holy book of Christians. The family members of the deceased pick suitable verses from the bible that represent the virtues of the decedent.


Most headstones in NZ have inscriptions of the achievements of the deceased. Such epitaphs may be written on tombstones of individuals who were philanthropic or who served the country in a major way. No matter the subject matter, the epitaph explains to the world what the departed achieved while he was living.


General headstone inscriptions are derived from different sources. They are great starting points for families who have no idea where to begin.

Words of solace

These epitaphs include comforting words that assure the grieving members that their loved ones are still close to them.

Classic epitaphs

These are wise sayings that make important statements concerning the wisdom of life.

Simple words

Perhaps the decedent preferred simplicity, and the best idea is to choose words that represent their life. Simple and elegant words can at times create a big impact on a headstone. Such words include “lying in eternal peace” or “you will forever be in our hearts.”


Emotions of the grieving family members can be described in small poems. A few lines can do and they will have a great impression.

The deceased words

If the departed shared thoughts with his family while he was living, his wishes might be fulfilled by inscribing those words on his tombstone. If their wishes were unknown, ideas could be inferred from their old letters, personal diaries, or notes. The idea is to write something that reflects their thoughts and voice.

Famous quotes

Finding the exact words to write in an epitaph is not easy in a period full of grief. This is the right time to rely on well-known quotes to show the significance of the person who has passed on.

After finding and inexpensive headstone, the next thing is to pick the most appropriate inscription. If you have no ideas at all, visit the nearest cemetery and find one that suits the departed soul. From Bible verses to classic sayings, there are many ways you can make a grave marker special.

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