Innovative Perfume Packaging and Emotional Purchases


Brain Imaging science has proved that a consumer makes product purchase decision just in 3 seconds. It means it’s just first three seconds that can compel customers to buy your product. But how to make it happen? Here brands can utilize the sciences in product packaging to trigger emotions and force their customers to make purchases within few seconds. Everyone knows that packaging is a great marketing tool but a few understand that how a great packaging design can boost sales by sensation transference.

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People get emotionally attached to products in different ways depending on the product. But it is also observed that in some cases it is just the packaging that just enhances the mood and bound people to repurchase the same product. So we cannot deny this aspect especially when it comes to the fragrance industry. Perfume is itself a product to which people are emotionally connected and they tend to make purchases according to their taste and personality. Advances in perfume packaging industry based on consumer’s perceptions and demands have the significant impact on the fragrance business.

Let’s dive into the perfume packaging the understand the emotional connection and purchase mantra to grow your fragrance business.

Perfume Packaging and sensation transferences

Quality and Packaging Design

Quality of packaging and packaging designs are the two main elements which enhance the value of perfume as well as trigger customers to try that product or fragrance. We all know that quality packaging has the good first impression on the consumers but if your perfume boxes are beautifully designed then it will double up the perks by triggering the right people. For example, a clear unique perfume box design depicting sophistication will surely attract those who love to use such fragrances as people buy fragrances reflecting their mood and taste. So, reflecting that taste through packaging design is a great way to attract and trigger potential consumers.

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Color Schemes and Color Connection:

Visuals have the great impact on the consumer’s purchasing behavior and colors is the key element that gives the right meaning to the product packaging, enhancing product appeal. In perfume industry, both the color of perfume and perfume plays a vital role in building customer’s perception. This is why choose right colors which relate to the fragrance of the product as red depicts the love and motivation, black is for bold 7 masculinity, yellow relates freshness and lights hues for sophistication. The clarity of colors reflecting fragrances is so much important as no one likes to buy products or perfumes reflecting impurity. So choose right colors to connect your consumers emotionally with your perfumes.

Sensation transference through Shape

Yes, the shape of your perfume bottle and box matter too. Distinctive perfume packaging having unique shapes have a great impact on the consumer’s purchasing behavior. Mostly females are attracted to curvy shapes and dimension while men prefer broadness. Choosing the right shape which people demand can help them in making the purchase decision. You can evoke emotions by adding appropriate texture and feminine or masculine features according to your potential consumers. So firstly explore what your potential like most then choose the perfume packaging solution accordingly for best results.

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Psychological Inclination and Perfume packaging

There are some psychological factors which greatly impact the purchasing behavior of the consumers. For example, if your fragrance line is for older people then packaging must be clear, simple and offer convenience. Older people do not prefer buying perfumes if bottles or perfume box is not easy to hold or too slim to slip down by hand even if they liked the fragrance. so it is necessary to create innovative perfume packaging keeping in mind the age and gender preferences. Distinctive packaging having unique features drives emotions and trigger people to try and buy fragrances.

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