IGNOU: World’s Largest Open University

IGNOU: World’s Largest Open University – Indira Gandhi National Open University is the most significant open university on the planet which provides admission into more than 226 programmes in the world. Termed on the name of the only female Prime Minister of India, and was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985. The thing which makes IGNOU different from all the open universities of the nation is its excellent learning and teaching environment through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. After searching for Top 10 Open Universities in India or Best distance education institutes in India, wherever you want, the only thing you’ll come to know about that IGNOU holds the very first position.

Studying at Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi


Some unofficial websites are providing details regarding IGNOU study materials, assignments, books, video lectures and other parts. But, what most important is to have in-depth knowledge of the source of where you’re being preferred. For example, for all the above-mentioned portions of the preparation of examinations, egyankosh.ac.in is the only official handle developed and co-sponsored by Indira Gandhi National Open University. More crucially it provides books of the best authors like Ramanujam, P. R., Sharma, M.C., Koul, B.N., Pradhan, Basanti, Mishra, Sanjay, Menon, M. B., Joshi, Vibha, Kumar, Sunaina, Srivastava, Manjulika and Dash, N. K.

Indira Gandhi National Open University conducts these examinations twice a year. Which are better known as Term End Examination and are held every June and December per year. By the time, IGNOU Result will be announced. You’ll come to understand that for all details regarding Courses, Admissions & Eligibility, Admission Procedure & Schedule, Colleges, Faculties & Departments, Who’s Who at the University, Re-Admission Procedure, Study Centres in India, Partner Institutions outside India, Syllabus, IGNOU Test Papers (by Course), IGNOU Test Papers (by Paper code), IGNOU Exam Timetables, Assignments, Notifications, Circulars & Announcements, Events, Seminars & Workshops, there is no further need of running from here and there.

IGNOU Programs are Cost effective and are offered through open and distance learning in the country. That’s why more than 4 million students have been enrolled in Indira Gandhi National Open University till date. While the most critical part is that, along with the quantity, IGNOU officials are equally focussing on quality as well. Keeping enrolling procedure from admission to the conference, 100% safe, fast, secure and comfortable. Valuable and valid degrees from Indira Gandhi National Open University are mainly provided in Certificate, PG Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Bachelors, Masters & Other few courses.

IGNOU: World’s Largest Open University (People’s Institution)


For the submission of fees in Indira Gandhi National Open University, there is no fixed amount for all the courses. Instead, an amount is different according to IGNOU Fees Notification. Although, charges of study materials, books and assignments are included in the course fee only. While filling online examination fees and before checking its submission status, one thing to keep in mind is that Debit Card (Visa/Master/Re-Pay-Domestic) (Please note that charges of 0.70% will be added for transaction upto Rs 2000/- and 0.90% for purchase above Rs 2000/-). Also, once the fee is submitted, its quite hard to get your money back according to IGNOU Fee Refund Policy.

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