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How to increase traffic of your travel blog using Social Media


Every now and then, people ask on different forums and platforms about how to be good at blogging. Well, that has a lot to do with the writing and speech delivery, along with the perfect understanding of the subject. A creative, unique and easily cognizable content is also important to get traffic on your blog.

But this isn’t the only aspects you need to cover for a blog and its promotion. A strategy is also an important factor that determines how you will stimulate that blog. For that reason, the best option for starters is to market their blogs via social media platforms.

Suppose, you are working as a travel agent in any travel agency in London, or any other city, and you want to promote your post about different flights. You can always be creative and by offering a cheapest flight comparison to the viewers. Always make strategy a big part of your social media marketing.

Similarly, a travel blog will require a healthy content, with interesting features such as pictures, quotes or any other characteristic that makes their blog attractive. Travel blogging can be easier than any other form of blogging as people can take some photos of their trip, or adventure and upload it, with a bit of story. However, that is not possible in this time of competition, as being a travel blogger requires energy and time into promotion. For any blogger, the most important thing to become a success is the tactical use of social media along with certain tools that help save some time.

Social Media Platforms

Before we even begin to give tips about social media platforms, we want to let you know that social media is not a medium to spontaneously and irritatingly broadcast yours publishes on as many platforms as possible. It is rather a place to make conversations, discussions and being social.

In fact, the whole point of social media is to be social and retort to remarks, admire other works, relationships, and even contents. But it is also imperative not to expect from people to like your comments or your work. But the thing we want you to do is engaging yourself with the society. There are literally so many methods and channels on social media, so figure out the best one for your blog and try to use it correctly. Following is a brief derelict of what we think should be the best for travel bloggers, and how can they boost traffic by using social media platforms.

Like traveling? Use Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction. Well, no platform that we are going to discuss here needs any introduction. But Facebook is the undisputed champion of social media.

Facebook used to be a lot more lucrative before paid ads took over all the digital network. Due to this, you lose new activity on your profile or page and only shows up to around 5% of your total public. In a travel blogger’s language, we call it a social sellout.

Nevertheless, Facebook is still considered one of the best way to build a communion around your posts and promote your work and writing. You can also optimize your content with some limitations to get an even better result.

If you are traveling, use Twitter

An absolute capricious monster, it is a platform for restless and energetic people. It is one of the best places for a travel blogger to be for the promotion of content and media. Although it is limited just like Facebook, you can still get a huge amount of reaches, numbers, and retweets; which is still pretty slick anyway.

With such tools at your disposal on Twitter, you can gain a great advantage for your traveling blog. But still, don’t consider Twitter to be the most gainful social media channel. It is not a single platform that will determine your success as a travel blogger, but a combination of promotion done of each platform.

Want to get some traveling ideas? Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a picture pinning platform with a few filters. Pinterest wants you to take as many pictures you can and pin the original versions, without filters. It wants you to be unbelievably pictorial, so all of your followers get a notification whenever you post something.

To make things more marketable, you can use the Pinnable feature on your blog. This can link your blog with your social media account, enhancing the traffic from the community on your blog posts. Although Pinterest is still considered a growing platform which needs some improvements in order to expand more users, we have included it in this list as it is the next big thing of social media.

Share your traveling picture on Instagram

Just like Pinterest, Instagram also offers you a platform to post pictures of your travel, and yes with exclusive filters to make them even more attractive. Even though it may not help you generate that much traffic on your travel blog, it is still a great place to tell the world about your travels. The engagement is also over the roof on Instagram.

Insta also encourages its users to use hashtags, add locations and profile tagging, which in turn creates more chances of generating trends. We can also say that it’s an artist’s haven. You can also synchronize your Instagram account with your Facebook, and whenever you share any picture on Insta, it is also posted on Facebook.

People think that social media is a onetime investment, and they just need to create an account on the platform. However, a travel blogger should always consider posting at least on daily basis. It is needed to improve influence your influence and stay up to date with current trends. Moreover, social media is always in the transformation, just like the technology, so it is imperative to stay on it and study new concepts, marketing trends, travel destination and creativity, to enhance the traffic of your travel blog.

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