Advertisement attracts human being

Advertisement is very helpfully for the business. All of the people attracts with the advertisement of the product. In our today’s life many company advertising their products or plans. Advertisement word basically comes from Latin language. We can see many types of advertisement in our society. Most of the time advertisement publishes by the big companies for promoting their products and increasing the market value of their goods or products. Now these days it is just like a trend. If any new thing come in the market than the advertisement helps to make that thing popular. Anadvertisement can be publishes by using two methods:

Methods for publish an advertisement

Printing media:

It is defined as the media in which we receive the information or advertisement in a printed form. Like newspaper, pamphlet, write on the wall etc. Just try Orangelabel Art & Advertising and you will love it.

Non- printing media:

It is defined as the media in which we receive the information or advertisement on internet, television in the form of soft copy.

Advantages of advertisement:

Easy to share:

Advertisements helps in sharing of information or promotion of something on worldwide.

Helpful in business:

Advertisement provides a right path to the business. By the help of advertising a businessman promotes their products or goods easily.

Helpful in making popularity:

If advertiser promotes their product with making attract full advertisement then it makes that product popular.

Disadvantages of advertisement:

There are always two types of things occurs in our life good and bad. In above there are many good quality of advertisement. On the other hand there are some disadvantages of advertisement.

Fake advertisement:

There are many types of fake advertiser are available in the market. They advertise their good quality products but reality is that they do not give that quality product as they shown in the advertisement. That’s why many of people wasting their money just because of seeing fake advertisements.

Bad effect on children:

Some of the advertisements are available in the market that affects the child mind in a negative way. Some advertiser promotes their products in an adult way which may effect on the child mind.


As we can see that advertisements plays a very important role in the human being. It effects on the human mind easily. A human can attract easily just see an advertisement which may be shown on the internet, television, newspapers or pamphlets etc.

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